Just what are Flavor Fest MicroGreens?
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  • MicroGreens are tiny tiny plants that pack a punch in flavor and nutrition!  

  • MicroGreens are smaller and more tender than baby lettuces, yet more robust and flavorful than sprouts! 

  • MicroGreens are delicious and ideal for enhancing salads, main dishes, soups or as a garnish.  Their full flavor and vivid color add pizzazz to any dish!  

  • Ask any chef or food connoisseur and you'll hear the excitement, the praise, the rave reviews of MicroGreens.

  • Microgreens are tiny plants, usually with only their “cotyledon” (first) leaves developed  are no more than 8 to 14 days old.  The stem and baby leaves are all that are consumed... not the roots as is the case with alfalfa and bean sprouts.   

The flavor is great, the colors are beautiful but there is more...the nutritional value!

  • Microgreens are considered to be in the group of what are newly referred to as “functional foods” which are food products that contain particular health promoting or disease preventing properties that are additional to their normal nutritional values.  Demand for these products is growing rapidly.  

  • Microgreens have been found to contain higher levels of concentrated active compounds than found in mature plants or seeds.  These tiny baby plants provide a convenient and concentrated means for absorbing the active compounds when made into a health drink which is commonly done with wheatgrass.    

  • For many years now, a comprehensive range of significant health benefits have been claimed for fresh juice and freeze dried extracts produced from fresh young wheat and barley grass, throughout the world included Japan and the United States.  The CropKing process is ideally suited to provide consistent commercial quantities of fresh products like wheat and barley grass, or microgreens, for juicing for the functional beverage market.